Thursday, 18 October 2012

Beelzebub the Sheep

The first time I saw Beelzebub, he scared the bejasus out of me. As I was driving home to the castle one night in the utter dark of the countryside, Beelzebub's diabolic visage suddenly appeared out of nowhere just feet in front of my car's windscreen.

His eyes were glowing red, his powerful horns curved round, in the very physiognomy of "Auld Nick" himself! It took me a few moments to rationalise the experience, and that this was actually "just" a sheep by the very edge of the road.

The problem was that Beelzebub, was not your normal "sheep in a field" type of sheep, with eyes that glow green in car headlights. No, he loved standing by the side of the road and given passing motorists, particularly at night, the collywobbles. And for whatever reason, his eyes glowed red in car headlights!

It wasn't just me - he would spook visitors to the castle as well who arrived by night.  My thoughts were that if the devil really did manifest himself in animal form, then that animal would be indistinguishable from Beelzebub.

Beelzebub The Sheep


  1. Balintore has some peculiar fauna going on around :)

  2. Indeed, I'm hoping Beelzebub may have a word "down below" to stoke the fires of hell for the castle's ground source heat pump. :-)

  3. Hello! I cycled past your castle last week while on holiday in Angus. It looks an amazing place, good luck with the restoration, I'm enjoying the blog reporting your progress.

    1. Good to get your kind comments! Thanks for the mention on your blog, which I enjoyed reading.